Picked on 14 July ’14

bird singing the joy
over the summer evening
better than my haiku

Chocolate house 3

Picked on 20 June ’14

June afternoon
blackbird and me
watching the butterflies


Picked on 16 June ’14

Roman sky
on the pine trees

hadrianova villa

Picked on 20 May

averses orageuses
le vent n’a pas chassé
la lune de jour


stormy showers
the wind didn’t chase away
the day moon



Picked on 7 May

ombre sur ombre
la corneille survolant
le cerisier


shadow through shadow
a crow overflying
the cherry tree

chestnut petals

Picked on 30th April

comme un brise-glace
passer par une volée de feuilles mortes
brise de printemps



Picked on 29 April ’14

first time this year
the smell of freshly mowed hay –
nothing else


pour la première fois cette année
l’odeur des foins –
rien à ajoutter



Picked on 28 April ’14

the stem getting
thinner and thinner
before it flourishes


sound of the caress
on the tulip petals –
my mom’s getting out of depression


Picked up on 23 April ’14

après avoir parlé
ma tête pleine
de l’odeur des foins


after the talk
my head filled up
with the smell of hay


Picked on 8 April ’14

early spring
one last brown leaf
lands into the water, and sails away


Picked on 16th April ’14

What haiku?
Jesus Christ are my only words
under the blooming cherry tree


Picked on 30 March ’14

le temps se ralentit
dans le jardin de mes parents
les insectes
m’ont pris
pour une fleur


the time slows down
in my parents’ garden
the insects
mistook me
for a flower



Picked on 20 March ’14

Zen jog
Of course the bumblebee
Overtakes me



Picked on 19 March ’14

cool March morning
hazel tree pushing out
its baby leaves



Picked on 18 March ’14

Would like to kiss every flower
Of the wild plum tree


End of March
Rehearsing – the crow swaying up and down
On the dormant cherry tree


anniversary rose

Picked on 6 March ’14

first bee this year!
we circle the crocus

première abeille!
on goûte au crocus


office lunch break
envying the bees
as they sit in flowers

pause déj au bureau
j’envie les abeilles
assises dans les fleurs



Picked on 4 March ’14

early spring
smiling at the thought of crocuses
growing from my ashes

printemps précoce
sourire à l’idée des crocus
poussant dans mes cendres


zadar st. donat

Picked on 2 March ’14

like the roof avalanche
the winter
is gone

comme une avalanche de toit
est partie


Picked on 25 February ’14

premiers crocus
première reproche
de pousser trop vite

first crocuses
already blamed for
growing too fast


le calice du crocus
remplie de lumière

white crocus
filled with the noon warmth
goose bumps


air de printemps
deux petits vieux courbés
du même côtés

springtime feel
two old lovers
kyphosed in the same way



Picked on 17 February ’14

reunion with my brother
the moon with the drooping eyelid
in the rear-view mirror


retrouvailles avec mon frère
la lune à la paupière tombante
dans le retroviseur


zena s ciapkou

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