Picked on 16th April ’14

What haiku?
Jesus Christ are my only words
under the blooming cherry tree


Picked on 30 March ’14

le temps se ralentit
dans le jardin de mes parents
les insectes
m’ont pris
pour une fleur


the time slows down
in my parents’ garden
the insects
mistook me
for a flower



Picked on 20 March ’14

Zen jog
Of course the bumblebee
Overtakes me



Picked on 19 March ’14

cool March morning
hazel tree pushing out
its baby leaves



Picked on 18 March ’14

Would like to kiss every flower
Of the wild plum tree


End of March
Rehearsing – the crow swaying up and down
On the dormant cherry tree


anniversary rose

Picked on 6 March ’14

first bee this year!
we circle the crocus

première abeille!
on goûte au crocus


office lunch break
envying the bees
as they sit in flowers

pause déj au bureau
j’envie les abeilles
assises dans les fleurs



Picked on 4 March ’14

early spring
smiling at the thought of crocuses
growing from my ashes

printemps précoce
sourire à l’idée des crocus
poussant dans mes cendres


zadar st. donat

Picked on 2 March ’14

like the roof avalanche
the winter
is gone

comme une avalanche de toit
est partie


Picked on 25 February ’14

premiers crocus
première reproche
de pousser trop vite

first crocuses
already blamed for
growing too fast


le calice du crocus
remplie de lumière

white crocus
filled with the noon warmth
goose bumps


air de printemps
deux petits vieux courbés
du même côtés

springtime feel
two old lovers
kyphosed in the same way



Picked on 17 February ’14

reunion with my brother
the moon with the drooping eyelid
in the rear-view mirror


retrouvailles avec mon frère
la lune à la paupière tombante
dans le retroviseur


zena s ciapkou

Picked on 16 February ’14

mom’s depression
I watch the ladybug
climb the keycaps


Picked on 14 February ’14


February-pink-flowering shrub

seeing my anger
to silhouette against the beauty
I let go

urban sketch_with a car

Haïku picked on 4 February ’14

early February
the bird singing my joy
over the long lasting dusk



Picked on 1st February ’14

la nuit du vendredi
sous mes pieds
l’arbre aux corneilles dormantes


friday night
under my feet
the sleeping crows


sedy nahrdelnik

Picked on 31 January ’14

matin lumineux
une certaine joie
dans le sautillement
des corneilles


bright morning
crows hopping
in a child like way


rumba gule

Birthday haïku

sourire en regardant
le déclin de l’Orion


my birthday
how nice to notice
the decline of Orion


granat jabko

Missing banana – watercolor

missing banana

snack break
one banana
and the scent of ripening barley

9 July 2013

Poppy seeds cake (gluten free)

makovy kolac

300 g rice flour
100 g ground poppy seeds
3 eggs
1 joghurt
2 dcl rice milk, (soy milk)
‘a drop’ of colza oil
3 tsp honey
‘two pinches’ of baking powder (gluten free)
a pinch of baking soda

Mix first the wet ingredients and then slowly add into the mixture the dry ones. Pour the half of the batter into the round cake pan and make a layer of blue and red berries. Cover it with the second half of the batter and top the cake with the remaining fruits.

Enjoy the safe culinary trip, you sweet tooth!

Haiku picked on 20 January ’14

bruit feutré
frapper doucement
au bourgeon du lys


muted sound
knocking gently
on the lily bud



Homemade orange marmalade

Homemade orange marmalade. You need 9 oranges, 1 package of dried figs or 1 cup of dried raisins, 3 tbs of acacia honey.

orange marmalade

1. Boil the oranges for 5 minutes, then let them cool.
2. Take the skin of one orange and cut it into the thin slices (1mm x 1cm). It will make a nice pop of colour and a difference in the texture in your marmalade.
2. Take the skin of another orange and put it into the blender. (To do only if the oranges are not very bitter already.)
3. Cut the oranges in a way to keep all the juice. (Do it eventually over the pot.) Add the flash of all nine oranges into the blender and blend it all until you get the desired texture.
4. Blend the dried figs, eventually raisins – previously put into the hot water.
5. Put everything into the pot and make it boil. Once the mixture is boiling, lower the temperature and cook it until you get the ‘marmalade’ texture. (You need to stir it less often in the beginning, and much more often as the texture gets thicker, so that you prevent it from burning.)
6. Put the hot marmalade into the marmalade jars. (I use the well washed glass jars which originally contained the chickpeas.) Close them well and turn them upside down so that the lids get sealed by the high temperature. Cover the jars with the blanket and let them cool down naturally. It might take 12 hours.)

You will get approximately 4 little jars of bittersweet orange marmalade. If you wish to store them much longer than it is possible to store them in our household (cca 3 weeks) please google out information about sterilizing homemade food.

Bon appétit!

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