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On the first picture there is the entrance into one of the Vienna metro stations. You just validate your ticket in the old-fashioned machine and you go. I find it incredible. Well, compared to the security system in the Paris metropolitan, where you have a tourniquet and a barrier, and people jump over it anyway, this is something!

I am not a big drinker. Actually, I am not far from being an abstinent, as I have a very little tolerance for the alcohol. When I am drinking, it makes me more nervous than relaxed, or rather: relaxed in the short term and grumpy afterwards. I am better off not drinking.
But but but, the previous week-end (sorry for the confusing information in my last post) I went to Vienna and … In the heat of the midday sun, we stopped at the harvest festival by the presidential palace, to buy a lunch. Just some bread and some cheese from the Austrian Alps, and one glass of fermented grape juice – called “federweisser”. Just 2 dl, but mamma mia, it was so strong then we felt completely drunk. Well, not completely, but we had some great laughs, and we shared some new perspectives on things that previously seemed to bother us.
I dare to say that thanks to the federweisser, Vienna took me on the path of fun and lightness through its pompous majesty.
We then stopped in the Belvedere garden for a little nap :) and a little watercolour sketch of the building.
When sober again, we went to see the really great exhibition on Gustave Klimt.


Vienna particularities and specialities :)

This streetstyle picture is just an appetizer for more from my Vienna trip this week-end.

Speaking about the appetizer, I am thinking about food, and thinking about food, I need to talk about Wiener Schnietzel, of course! Unfortunetaly, (or not) I haven’t tried it, so I can not give you a direct testimonial, but if you eat veal or pork, it’s apparently a must.

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