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Picked on 12 February ’15

la terre seule aussi parfumée
que des lilas


the soil as fragrant
as the lilac




Picked on 11 February ’15

Cloudy day
Smiling big at the bunch of snowdrops
Below the muted-green mahonia

zen plant

Picked on 5th January ’15

matin de gel
la voiture des pompes funèbres
embuée à l’arrière


Frosty morning
Hearse windows
Fogged up in the back part

angel of resurrection

Picked on 16 December ’14

bank district healthy food place
can’t get my eyes off the hands
of the construction worker

porcelaine cup I

Picked on 8 September ’14

I stop running
sound of a leaf touching other leaves
on its way down


walking home
at the same pace as the man ahead
in the clacking shoes


St Martin Vesubie

Picked on 6 September ’14

rando sous la pluie
feuilles sèches et noisettes
sur la table de pique-nique


hiking in the rain
fallen leaves and a hazelnut
on the picnic table

chinese bowl

Picked on 5 September ’14

early september
my shoes start matching
the poplar leaves

abbey de neumunster

Picked on 28 August ’14

some berries
still green


Picked on 30 August ’14

chilling out by the river
young ducks
with smoky eyes

kolacik kavicka St Martin Vesubie

Picked on 19 August ’14

sous le pommier
les pommes tombées et moi
à regarder le coucher de soleil


under the apple tree
the fallen apples and me
looking at the sunset


Picked on 12 August ’14

la tristesse s’en va
en égrenant
les groseilles

running the redcurrents
through my fingers
— the sadness disappears


perfume of the rose
from the heart
filled with the rain water


mercantour 1

Picked on 9 August ’14

end of the day peace
dozens of faded hydrangea blooms
on the top of the compost pile



Picked on an August night ’14

Wow, it’s been such a long time that I have not posted anything new, but, well, I think my marriage and the following vacation can partly explain my silence.
Here I am again, happy to reconnect with you my dear readers!
Have fun and take care everyone!


our last night in Liguria
the half moon
starts getting rounded



Picked on 14 July ’14

bird singing the joy
over the summer evening
better than my haiku

Chocolate house 3

Picked on 16 June ’14

Roman sky
on the pine trees

hadrianova villa

Picked on 30th April

comme un brise-glace
passer par une volée de feuilles mortes
brise de printemps



Picked on 29 April ’14

first time this year
the smell of freshly mowed hay —
nothing else


pour la première fois cette année
l’odeur des foins —
rien à ajoutter



Picked on 28 April ’14

the stem getting
thinner and thinner
before it flourishes


sound of the caress
on the tulip petals —
my mom’s getting out of depression


Picked up on 23 April ’14

après avoir parlé
ma tête pleine
de l’odeur des foins


after the talk
my head filled up
with the smell of hay


Picked on 16th April ’14

What haiku?
Jesus Christ are my only words
under the blooming cherry tree


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