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It was a warm spring morning in the olive grove. The breeze was gentle, the air was fragrant, the time stood still. High grass, sprinkled with colourful small-headed flowers, was gently tickling my knees. Poppies were about to splash their intense red on the antic ruins. 'Look how beautiful it is all over', I whispered to the olive trees, 'a perfect time for a stroll.' I slipped my fingers into the open palms at the end of their branches and I took them for a walk.

Picked on 20 October ’16

en route au bureau

le jardinier

hume la rose


Picked in Solterreno, October ’16


even the baby sheep

having these cute big eyes

daylong retreat


silent day

silence around

the sheep bells


mindful walk

on the edge of the land slide

a coconutty smell

of the figue tree leaves


cool air

where the tear ran down


sound of one ripe olive

hitting the ground

Picked on 6th September ´16

la mouche aussi

a l’air d’admirer la beauté

de l’esthéticienne


pas de traces de Septembre

sur les hêtres

pas de cheveux gris

Picked this summer ’16

Barking dogs
Falling asleep
With his feet in my hand


Alone in a church
A burp
Nicely resonates


La brebis tête penchée
A l’orée de l’ombre
Fin de vacances


Sucré le bruit
Des feuilles du cerisier
Fin août

Picked on 16th May ’16

le temps de cerises vertes

au-dessus du mur de cimetière

les Jésus sur les croix



Picked on 6th May ’16

midday nap

if I am one with the cherry petals

I am a heavy one

Picked in April ’16




the old dog

not there


il neige sur les pissenlits

toujours plus mère que femme


house with two Porsches

they garden

by themselves

Picked in November 2015

promenade du soir

sur l’air frisquet

parfum des pommes


apple scent

on the crispy air


tous les corbeaux du quartier

sur le toit d’une seule maison

(au tableau de Magritte)


edges of tiredness

the come back of the sun

is close



une larme sur le tapis



Fall so short this year

baby’s got 4 months



Picked on 18 November

fin du 4ième trimestre

je m’émerveille

de l’horizontalité de l’eau

Picked on 15 November ’15

15 novembre

l’enfant nous montre

le croissant de lune

Picked on 7 November ’15

promenade de novembre
enfin nos pensées cèdent
au bruit des feuilles mortes


november walk
the thoughts finally replaced
by the sound of dead leaves

haiku 21 October

Baby times :)

martin's corner

L'alzette à Hesperange.

with the baby in a sling

whose breath to follow

in meditation?

(for my Lucia and the little Sebastian)

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Picked on 3rd November ’15

misty November
every day a bit more
under the spell of the baby

Picked on 28 October ’15

thinking about the soon to be
bare trees

Picked on 27 October ’15

bleu d’encre
les baies
dans la haie nue

Picked on 23 October ’15

luminous skies
eight weeks old smiling at me
with his eyes


Picked on 20 October ’15

tired new mom —
brown leaves
falling from the green trees

Picked on 21 October ’15

bébé de deux mois
dans la forêt,
tout est nouveau à mes yeux


baby’s got two months
in the forest, all is new
to my eyes

Picked on 17 October ’15

waiting for something in the rain


Picked at the End of August ’15

can I kiss you?
asking my newborn
on his first day of life


temps de cueillette
le lait et les larmes
à flot


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