Picked on 27th March ’15

en visite chez mes parents
pensées grises coupées par un sourire
une coccinelle sur mon épaule


at my parents house
my grey thougths melt into the smile
a ladybug on my shoulder



Picked on 26th March ’15

ma chambre d’enfant
des movements lents d’une coccinelle
couverte de poussière!


my childhood room
slow movements of the ladybug
covered in dust!



Picked on 24th March ’15

traffic jam by the Hotel Royal
bus full of office workers
observes the gardener


Picked on 28 February ’15

28 février
au passage piéton
premier papillon de l’année!
(encore en noir)


28th February
in the crosswalk
this year’s first butterfly!
(in black)



Picked on 23 February ’15

today’s snow
on yesterday’s crocuses



Picked on 21 February ’15

redundancy —
it snows
on the snowdrops



Picked on 19 February ’15

les merles sont de retour
ils tournent autour des perce-neiges


the blackbirds are back
they pace around the snowdrops
in awe?


po dazdi

Picked on 12 February ’15

la terre seule aussi parfumée
que des lilas


the soil as fragrant
as the lilac



Picked on 11 February ’15

Cloudy day
Smiling big at the bunch of snowdrops
Below the muted-green mahonia

zen plant

Picked in Jan/Feb ’15

first day of retreat
the cold dump snow
on the cold sandy beach


few days into retreat
snowflakes covering the beach
so gently


cloudy day
one branch as a shadow
to another branch


“mindful” breakfast –
staring into my bowl,
as two plums out of four,
somehow disappeared



Picked on 7th January ’15

sa mèche épaisse
retombe par-dessus de l’oreille
la brise fait neiger le givre


Picked on 5th January ’15

matin de gel
la voiture des pompes funèbres
embuée à l’arrière


Frosty morning
Hearse windows
Fogged up in the back part

angel of resurrection

Picked on 25th December ’14

Noël au village
sur le pommier noir
un pied de cochon noir


winter dusk
hanging on the smoky apple tree
black pig’s trotters


Picked on 16 December ’14

bank district healthy food place
can’t get my eyes off the hands
of the construction worker

porcelaine cup I

Picked on 15 October ’14

sous la lune
je prends les baies rouges
pour les bourgeons


moonlit red berries
mistaken for blossoms



Picked on 8 September ’14

I stop running
sound of a leaf touching other leaves
on its way down


walking home
at the same pace as the man ahead
in the clacking shoes


St Martin Vesubie

Picked on 6 September ’14

rando sous la pluie
feuilles sèches et noisettes
sur la table de pique-nique


hiking in the rain
fallen leaves and a hazelnut
on the picnic table

chinese bowl

Picked on 5 September ’14

early september
my shoes start matching
the poplar leaves

abbey de neumunster

Picked on 28 August ’14

some berries
still green


Picked on 30 August ’14

chilling out by the river
young ducks
with smoky eyes

kolacik kavicka St Martin Vesubie

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