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Easter haiku

première fleur du prunier sauvage

je ne sens que ma sueur


lundi de Pâques

deux lièvres

me regardent courir




Picked on 28 August ’14

some berries
still green


Picked on 14 July ’14

bird singing the joy
over the summer evening
better than my haiku

Chocolate house 3

Picked on 7 May

ombre sur ombre
la corneille survolant
le cerisier


shadow through shadow
a crow overflying
the cherry tree

chestnut petals

Picked on 30th April

comme un brise-glace
passer par une volée de feuilles mortes
brise de printemps



Picked on 20 March ’14

Zen jog
Of course the bumblebee
Overtakes me



Picked on 2 March ’14

like the roof avalanche
the winter
is gone

comme une avalanche de toit
est partie


Haiku picked on 7 November

7 novembre
les ginkgo en beauté
comme si de rien n’était

7 novembre
the ginkgo just ignoring
the late autumn


le jog-après-halloween
le chat devant la maison
a bougé

after-halloween late night run
the cat sitting on the porch
has moved!


End of summer haiku

the yachts are back
only the ducks are sailing
the harbour waters


last summer day
loooooong blue shadow
of the yellow linden leaf


end of summer
too weak to take off
the dragonfly

A haïku a jog – 20 september

so soft the run
the trail’s getting covered with
first fallen leaves

A haïku a jog – 11 september

past life leak?
running on the bed of spruce needles
feeling at home

A haïku a run – 7 september

(My first 10 miles run.)

city run
for a few seconds only
the buxus fragrance

city run
comme il glisse vite, l’escargot,
sur le bitume mouillé

A haïku a jog – 4 September

september sales
a couple of new notes
in the Earth perfume


retour de vacances
sérieusement, je prends le moteur du bus
pour le chant des cigales

A haïku a jog – 22 August

zigzagging on the forest road
the other side seems to be
always smoother

A haïku a jog – 20 August

sunset gold on every leaf
I am the last one
crossing the finish line

A haïku a jog – 5 August

waiting for “Carrie”
my dress is slowly getting covered
with falling flowers


summer night
with my mouse I try
to move the little moth

A haïku a jog – 1 August

walking in between two sprints
the river seems to be
standing still

A haïku a jog – 25 July

back to running
damp woods smell
like the chocolate and banana millet cookies


after the two weeks break
— whistled
by the blackbird

A haïku a jog – 10 July

tough part of the trail
you are first, then a big fly,

A haïku a jog – 9 July

snack break
one banana, and
the scent of ripening barley

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