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Picked in August 2017

fin de baignade

les reflets des arbres

restent encore


aube d’été

une larme chemine

de l’oeil vers l’oreille


séchés au vent de mer

les draps de vacances

un peu rêches


the joy in her eyes

I have it in my heart

— my mom talking about the crescent moon


feeding my toddler with blackberries

honey-like end-of-August light



Picked this summer ’16

Barking dogs
Falling asleep
With his feet in my hand


Alone in a church
A burp
Nicely resonates


La brebis tête penchée
A l’orée de l’ombre
Fin de vacances


Sucré le bruit
Des feuilles du cerisier
Fin août

Picked on 6th May ’16

midday nap

if I am one with the cherry petals

I am a heavy one

Picked in April ’16




the old dog

not there


il neige sur les pissenlits

toujours plus mère que femme


house with two Porsches

they garden

by themselves

Picked on 20 October ’15

tired new mom —
brown leaves
falling from the green trees

Picked on 8 May ’15

on the way to the beach
I envy the bees
whole day in the pear tree


A haïku picked on 30 August

End of August
on the pile of seagrass
a toy watering can

A haïku a jog – 20 August

sunset gold on every leaf
I am the last one
crossing the finish line

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