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Picked in Solterreno, October ’16


even the baby sheep

having these cute big eyes

daylong retreat


silent day

silence around

the sheep bells


mindful walk

on the edge of the land slide

a coconutty smell

of the figue tree leaves


cool air

where the tear ran down


sound of one ripe olive

hitting the ground


Picked on 11 August ’14

before and after meditation
the mosquitoes


meditating in my parents house
bowing to Jesus
and my favourite childhood teddy bear



Picked on 16th April ’14

What haiku?
Jesus Christ are my only words
under the blooming cherry tree


October haikulike verses

six months later
our favourite blackbird
on his favourite spot
(in the midst of the naked branches)


wait wait wait
is the crows’ call
heading towards the setting sun

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