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20 November 2017

au coeur de l’automne

les rails rouillés

à sa place


un collier ‘choker’

de la dame

à deux chiens



Teneriffe 2017

un cahier de chez Spar

le luxe


8th September 2017


la fin d’été froide se mélange

au parfum des feuilles

Picked this summer ’16

Barking dogs
Falling asleep
With his feet in my hand


Alone in a church
A burp
Nicely resonates


La brebis tête penchée
A l’orée de l’ombre
Fin de vacances


Sucré le bruit
Des feuilles du cerisier
Fin août

Picked on 16th May ’16

le temps de cerises vertes

au-dessus du mur de cimetière

les Jésus sur les croix



Picked on 23 October ’15

luminous skies
eight weeks old smiling at me
with his eyes


Picked on 18th August ’15

curly morning clouds
half round
the moon and me

Picked on 8 May ’15

on the way to the beach
I envy the bees
whole day in the pear tree


Picked on 7 May ’15

taking the running trail
(in the business district park)
to avoid the perfumes
of the lunchtime strollers

foret avril

Picked on 23 February ’15

today’s snow
on yesterday’s crocuses



Picked on 25th December ’14

Noël au village
sur le pommier noir
un pied de cochon noir


winter dusk
hanging on the smoky apple tree
black pig’s trotters


Picked on 15 October ’14

sous la lune
je prends les baies rouges
pour les bourgeons


moonlit red berries
mistaken for blossoms



Berries and roses

Picture 096


excited by the glimpse of rose petals
on the back car window–
heart-shaped fallen leaves…

A haïku a jog – 22 August

zigzagging on the forest road
the other side seems to be
always smoother

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