Versatile blogger award

The very gentle and charming blogger QT has recently surprised me with the Versatile blogger award. Wow, I was quite high in the ranking, (well, actually, I was in the first position, and I felt so flattered ! :) Thanks QT !

Pardon me for this shortened list of recently discovered blogs that bring inspiration into my life.
(I need to acclimatize to the internet after just having come back from a month long travel to Japan :)
1. Tim Brownson
2. Food to glow
3. Awesomely Awake
4. Hel looks
5. David Kanigan

Oh, and seven random facts about me that might be suprising for those who know me, or not?:)
1. Today, I moved to Paris :)
2. I am learning watercolour and I love it.
3. I would love to be able to design and sew handbags.
4. Every time I overcome my laziness I realize in euphoria that I do am a runner.
5. Every time I overcome my fear and I climb a 15 metre wall I ask myself: what am I doing here? :)
6. I would like to meditate every day a fair amount of time. On my trip to Japan I read that hiking the Kumano Kodo route is like copulating with the universe. Funny kind of metaphore. But I quite easily get what they wanted to say when I think about meditation. Well, I really do.
7. I have a kind of love and hate relationship with fashion :)


About atreewalker

It was a warm spring morning in the olive grove. The breeze was gentle, the air was fragrant, the time stood still. High grass, sprinkled with colourful small-headed flowers, was gently tickling my knees. Poppies were about to splash their intense red on the antic ruins. 'Look how beautiful it is all over', I whispered to the olive trees, 'a perfect time for a stroll.' I slipped my fingers into the open palms at the end of their branches and I took them for a walk. View all posts by atreewalker

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