Let’s dream big !

Why do you think the spring comes so easily and effortlessly as if there was nothing more natural that to bud, smell nice, look movingly fragile and still full of strength ?
Well, according to my insider’s information it’s because the nature took a time off, dozed off during a few months and let the unconscious to come up with great ideas and great hints of how to make them real.
Does it sound like I am drunk or something? Well, I am drunk with the bright light and the gentle breeze that rounds up the pink bed sheets hanging in our neighbours’courtyard, which makes me think of a weirdly coloured antique sailboat…just dream…big :)


About atreewalker

It was a warm spring morning in the olive grove. The breeze was gentle, the air was fragrant, the time stood still. High grass, sprinkled with colourful small-headed flowers, was gently tickling my knees. Poppies were about to splash their intense red on the antic ruins. 'Look how beautiful it is all over', I whispered to the olive trees, 'a perfect time for a stroll.' I slipped my fingers into the open palms at the end of their branches and I took them for a walk. View all posts by atreewalker

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